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Events in Greece is an innovative and customized service offered to hotels to welcome and inform their guests before and during their stay at the hotel.

The service provides detailed and timely information to hotel guests about events, museums, and archaeological site schedules, with distance from hotel information and transportation options, notifications about last-minute changes and strikes, as well as other information necessary to the guests.

With this service every hotel can have a customized portal with their own logo (among other customizations) that can be accessed only by its guests. Hotel guests can see a list of the closest to the hotel events, a list of today's events and a list of all events, museums and archaeological sites, with the distance from the hotel and detailed guidelines  as to how to get there. Last but not least, a hotel can promote its own events, as the portal enables each hotel to add information. The language of the service is English (not Google translated) and the quality and richness of the content is unrivaled.

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