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Costa Nostrum (= our coast) Sustainable Beaches, is a private innovative certification standard, through its implementation, the sustainable management and development of each Mediterranean beach, may be achieved in an objective manner.
It consists of three pillars: The initial study of the certified beach incorporates suggestions on the sustainable development and management of the beach-based capabilities, infrastructures, and its characteristics. Secondly, the beach assessment - certification is following, with 39 objective criteria – indicators (social, economic, and environmental). Thirdly is the worldwide promotion of the beach and the wider coastal area, through our online services.
Also, it is a free online information portal for the tourists, in regard to the infrastructure, classification, and characteristics of all certified beaches, allowing visitors to search & choose for an awarded beach depending on their personal requirements avoiding unnecessary wanderings.
The main results of the implementation of our protocol are the environmental - sustainable & qualitative improvement of the awarded beaches, resulting in the environmental protection, conservation & increase of the awareness of a very fragile ecosystem.
The specific protocol has been implemented in 12 beaches until 2019 and we have earned numerous awards and distinctions such as Good Practise in 2 European Interreg Programs (Mistral & Blueislands) and we are winners at the Greek Business Awards for the Environment in the category of BUSINESS AND BIODIVERSITY. 

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